about us

We'd love to share our story with you and the road that led us here.

Hey there! We are Grant and Rachel Jones. 

Welcome to our little slice of heaven on earth. Pull up a seat around the fire pit or sit on the front porch of the cabin and watch a beautiful sunset over the lake while I take you on a beautiful trip back into our story with me….. I grew up spending weekends and summers at my grandparents’ farm and I always knew (OR HOPED) I’d marry a cowboy or a farmer, just like my hero, my grandpa. He taught me how to ride a horse, drive a tractor, stand up for what you believe in and be who you really are (and my mom says a few words I probably shouldn’t repeat – you never had to guess where you stood with him).


On August 1st, surrounded by our family and friends, my dream came true and I married my

best friend and to this day, my favorite cowboy and farmer! We had the most simple and beautiful farm wedding, right on top of what we call the mound. A big hill overlooking the beautiful farm my husbands family has worked for over 100 years. He too has farming running through his veins and is a 4th generation farmer. To have our wedding right there overlooking the life we both grew up to love seemed like the obvious thing to do. After an intimate and simple country side ceremony, we had a big reception in Grant’s dad’s barn, just down the road. It took a lot of cleanup to get that “workshop” and “tractor/ parts storage facility” all spiffed up for a reception, but if anyone knows how to work together to make something happen, it’s a farm family!

After we married, Grant continued to farm with his dad and grandpa and I was well established in my career and loved coaching volleyball and teaching. We were very happy and comfortable, except I kept feeling a little pull in my heart and a nudge from the good Lord that maybe it was time to do something else. I had no clue what that was, but after the birth of our third child, that tug became a lot stronger. After a lot of prayers, and encouragement from Grant too, I felt a calling to take a year or two off teaching and spend some time with my babies and being around to help on the farm if the guys ever needed me.


That first year, I got signed up for a lot of little jobs…..moving machinery and combine headers, giving rides from one field to the next, feeding and working cows…….but my very favorite time was when Grandpa John needed my help. Sometimes it was picking pecans or cherries, sometimes it was helping him plant or weed or harvest his garden (just like I spent my childhood days helping my grandma in the garden) and lots of times it was helping pick or shell popcorn, and of course popping it as soon as we picked a new batch.


One day I had my niece and daughter and my little guy all in tow and we drove by and saw Grandpa John picking popcorn in the patch and figured he might need our help. We spent hours laughing and picking – a pretty impressive thing for two pre-schoolers and a baby in tow.


Time seemed to stand still for a moment while watching my daughter and niece talk to and

work right alongside their great-grandpa. I thought, what a “simple blessing” and I was

reminded that I was right where I needed to be. That day sparked what God was calling me to

do all along. I knew, without a doubt, I wanted to share moments like these with others.

Within a year of quitting teaching and four months of that day, the barn was born……

A prayer and leap of faith,

A barn design my husband dreamed of building one day,

A memory of our own wedding day.


A magazine article about rustic barn weddings given to us by my mom, a supportive family ready to help us build our dream and calling, A community garden teaching 10 families and their kiddos how to grow their own food, and 43 weddings booked before we even opened our doors 1 year and 1 month from the date I resigned from teaching! That is a God thing!


Almost 7 years later and our favorite things to do on the farm still include popcorn, cows, horses, hosting weddings (they just aren’t our own anymore) and giving families the opportunity to experience a stay on the farm with our unique silo lodge and tiny cabin. You can now find a memorial popcorn patch we planted for grandpa after he passed at the age of 97, and we know he’s smiling down when there’s a popcorn bar at a wedding or a group of field trip kiddos out picking and shelling with us. We are so blessed to share this place with so many.


We thank you so much or stopping by our page and reading our story. We believe that life is

full of beautiful moments and marriage is one of those – an amazing journey between a man

and a woman promising to be the best they can for each other and, together, growing into

something even greater than themselves. We love getting to be a little piece of a beautiful

unfolding of His plan on that special day and there is nothing better than watching these

special moments at our place. We hope maybe you get to experience some simple blessings

right here at the farm and many more on your journey through life! God Bless!


Jeremiah 29:11